S.T. & S.C. Department
Shri Naveen Patnaik
Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik
Research and Training

Location :The Institute is centrally located in the city of Bhubaneswar at CRPF square adjacent to Priyadarshini market complex facing N.H.-5.
Mailing Address
S C S T R T I, Unit - VIII, CRPF Square, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar - 751003, Telephone No. : 2563649 & 2561635
Origin & Objectives :The Institute was set up as early as July 8, 1952, christened in the beginning as Tribal Research Bureau (TRB) with the following broad objectives:
to conduct research studies for documentation of the distinguishing characteristic features of different Scheduled Tribes (ST) and    Scheduled Castes (SC) of the State
to study the processes of social, cultural and economic change and development among the ST and SC communities of the State
to prepare action plans and suggest effective measures for development interventione
to serve as a centre for providing data and advisory services to Government on the problems and development of the ST and SC    communities
In 1972, the Tribal Orientation Training Institute (TOTI) which was set up in 1967 to impart training to the personnel working in the tribal areas, merged with the TRB and the composite institution was renamed as Tribal and Harijan Research-cum-Training Institute (THRTI).
Consequent upon the instructions issued by the Ministry of Welfare, Government of India, in December, 1994, the nomenclature of the Institute was changed to Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Research & Training Institute (SCSTRTI).
This is one of the oldest Research Institutes of the Country functioning under the administrative control of Government of Orissa, ST & SC Development Department.
Activities :

The main activities of the Institute are as follows :

Research :
Monographic/ Ethnographic Studies for documentation of culture, customs, traditions, material culture, art and craft, traditional medicine, culture change and modernization of the STs and SCs and development studies of agriculture, environment, education, women, health and nutrition
Diagnostic and problem oriented studies relating to STs and SCs such as, land alienation, socio-economic bondage and exploitation, indebtedness, low literacy, ill health, mal-nutrition, low fertility and infant mortality; social inequality, untouchability, ethnic discrimination, involuntary resettlement and development, status of women and subordination, economic backwardness, poverty, impact of industrialization and urbanization, rural-urban migration, problems of unemployment, shifting cultivation, deforestation etc.
Determination of ethnic status of different communities claiming their inclusion in the scheduled list.
Planning :
Bench-Mark/ Baseline Surveys covering the Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) Areas to build up the data base for planning, implementation and post-facto evaluation of various development projects and programmes for STs and SCs
Survey, Identification and Formulation of Action Plans/ Project Reports for :
Micro-Projects for the development Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs)
Integrated Tribal Development Agencies (ITDAs) for development of STs and SCs in the TSP areas
Modified Area Development Approach (MADA) and Cluster Pockets for development of dispersed tribal population.
Other Special Projects and Programmes for STs and SCs
Techno Economic Surveys involving experts from various line departments for preparation of Action Plans for development of selected PTGs
Action Plans/ Project Proposals for development and rehabilitation of vulnerable groups, artisans, craftsmen, lower occupational groups among the STs and SCs

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