No. 3   1   1   9   9_/SSD Bhubaneswar, Dated the 1st September 2005     Sch(R/S) 16/05

From :
          Sri G.V.V. Sarma, I.A.S.
          Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt.

          All Collectors                                                                 

Sub: Revised procedure for smooth and timely disbursement of    Scholarships to SC/ST students and the mess management.


              Under the existing system Pre-Matric Scholarships are disbursed to SC/ST students staying in 40 seated ST Girls’ Hostels, Primary School Hostels, Residential Sevashrams, Ashram Schools, Kanyashrams  & High Schools managed by ST&SC Development Department. SC/ST students staying outside the hostels and reading in Class-VI to Class-X managed by SSD Department are also getting Pre-Matric Scholarship. Similarly, Pre-Matric Scholarships are also being given to all SC/ST boarders and day-scholars from Class-VI to Class-X in Schools managed by School & Mass Education Department as prescribed by the State Government from time to time.  Pre-Matric Scholarship are also awarded to students studying in Private Schools recognized by School & Mass Education Department.

          The Post-Matric Scholarships are awarded to eligible SC/ST students in various Colleges, Universities and Technical Educations both for boarders and day-scholars. The eligibility norm for Post Matric Scholarship is that the Parent’s annual income should be less than Rs. 1.00 lakh. For continuation of Post-matric Scholarship, the student should have passed the final examination of the previous year.

          Government have reviewed the implementation of the scheme. After detailed examination, the Government Resolution dated 7.8.1992 is partially modified as follows:

1.       One of the teachers will be designated as Asst. Superintendent for the hostel. This will be on a monthly basis and the teachers can function as Asst. Superintendents by rotation.

2.            Payment of Pre-Matric Scholarships to boarders through Joint Bank Account will not be mandatory.  The Drawing & Disbursing Officers are allowed to draw scholarship and deposit it in the bank account of the school. Since the scholarship is drawn in advance, this money should be advanced as required from time to time to Assistant Superintendent of the hostel to manage the mess. The Assistant Superintendent is authorized to incur expenditure in coordination with the Mess Committee. The Head Master as the Superintendent of the hostel, will be in overall charge to ensure smooth functioning of the hostels.

  1. 3.     In case of Post-Matric Scholarships, the amount after drawal from Treasury will be paid to the SC/ST students in the form of cheque/ draft and the student will open an account in his name in the Nationalised Bank. At the time of disbursement the student has to submit a continuance certificate from his educational institute.
  1. 4.     Name of the Educational Institution, name of the Sanctioning Authority and name of the Drawing, Name of the Disbursing Authority are indicated below.         

Sl. No.

Name of the Educational Institution

Name of the sanctioning authority

Name of the Drawing authority

Name of the Disbursing Authority


Govt. Colleges


1.D.W.Os. in respect of Colleges located in Sadar-Subdivisions 2. Sub-Collectors in respect of colleges located in places other than the Sadar Sub-divisions.



Recognised Private Colleges

1. DWOs in respect of Colleges located in Sadar Sub-divisions  2.Sub-Collectors in respect of colleges located other than Sadar Sub-divisions

1. DWO in respect of colleges located in Sadar Sub-divisions 

2.Sub-Collectors in respect of colleges located other than Sadar Sub-divisions



DIET and C.T. Schools

1 Principals of DIET 2.Headmastes of C.T. Schools

1.DWOs in respect of institutions located in Sadar Sub-Divisions 2.Sub-Collectors in respect of institutions located in other than Sadar Sub-division.

Principal of DIET/ Headmaster of C.T. Schools


High Schools of ST&SC Dev. Deptt.

Headmastes/Headmistresses concerned

Headmasters/ Headmistresses concerned

Headmasters/ Headmistresses concerned


High Schools  & M.E. Schools of S&ME Deptt.





Ashram Schoools/ Kanyashrams/ Residential Sevashrams










40 seated ST Girls Hostels



Headmaster/ Headmistress/ Superintendent of concerned hostels


  1. 5.                 ST & SC Dev. Deptt. runs six special hostels in Bhubaneswar  for providing education to SC/ST students coming from rural areas, staying in hostels and reading both in schools and colleges. It has been ordered vide letter No.29465/SSD dated 22.8.05 that the sanction and drawal of the Post Matric Scholarship will be made by Headmasters/ Principals of Schools/ Colleges where they are prosecuting their studies. The payment of scholarship will be made to these students through the joint account of student and Assistant Superintendent of the hostel.

 6.      There will be a Mess Committee of the students represented by one duly elected member from each class which can operate under the guidance of the Assistant Superintendent and the Headmaster of the institution. This Committee may continue for a period of one academic session. If however, there is persistent complaint of the management of mess and if the Headmaster is satisfied that the existing committee cannot function

properly any further he may supercede the committee and will order fresh election even before completion of a term.

 7.      As indicated by Deptt. Letter No.25425 dated 13.7.2005, the DDO is authorized to draw one month’s current and two months scholarship in advance. It will be the responsibility of the Drawing and Disbursing Officer i.e. the Dist. Welfare Officer/ Sub-Collector/ P.A.,ITDA/ Headmaster etc. to see that the scholarship bills are duly prepared in the prescribed form  and submit it to the Treasury for timely drawal .

8.       The scholarship advanced to the Asst. Superintendent of the Mess to undertake day-to-day management of the mess will be adjusted against the acquittance by the students at the end of each month.

9.       The Mess Committee will form its sub-committee comprising three representatives, of whom the mess manager will be one. The Mess Manager of the sub-committee will work under the direct supervision of the Asst. Superintendent for the month. The Mess Manager and Purchase Sub-committee may be changed after each quarter.

10.     There will be a Purchase Committee consisting of Asst. Superintendent, Manager (Mess), a teacher representing the School and two other members from the Mess Committee. The proceedings of the Committee will be duly approved by the Headmaster/Headmistress of the School

  1. 11.             The Purchase Committee will collect quotations from different shops for purchase of grocery items and vegetables. Grocery items can be purchased in bulk quantity and vegetables can be purchased for two or three days.

12.     The Mess Committee in its meeting on 1st day of the month will prepare its indent of requirement of different articles for the month and will authorize the Purchase Committee to make necessary purchases through  indent.

13.  Collector will fix ceiling for various items taking into account the prevailing market conditions.

14.   Whenever local Self-Help-Group is able to supply required items within the rates of ceiling fixed, the purchase committee will purchase from such SHG only.

15.     It will be the responsibility of the Asst. Superintendent, to arrange procurement of controlled commodities for the students mess.

16.     The Headmaster / Superintendent will also take the responsibility to arrange foodstuff for the students mess temporarily on credit  if required to be repaid on collection of money . This procedure, may, however , be avoided as far as practicable. In such cases, the credit details of the month shall be intimated to DWO by a written report.

17.     It will be the responsibility of the Mess Committee to see that specific medicines as per the advice of the visiting doctor is kept in the school for use of the students at the prescription of Rs.2.00  per student per month from the stipend money  payable to the student. In special cases, the  head of the institution may move  Govt. for sanction of money.

18.     The students  will arrange their own dresses, napkins etc.  as may be prescribed by the Headmaster from the scholarship amount.

19.  Charges for kerosene oil or electricity will be borne by the students out of scholarship money.

20.     The Mess Committee will be provided with storage facility of mess articles. It will be for the students Mess Committee to decide who will retain the key of the store room.

21      For maintaining  accounting procedure the following registers may be maintained:-

 1. Cash Book

 2. Stock and expenditure Register of food articles.

 3  Personal ledger account of each student.

 4.Mess dues collection Register

 5. Meal attendance Register

 6. Guard File of Bills and Vouchers

 7. Proceeding Books of the students Mess Committee

 8 .Inspection Note Book.

   9. Procurement file containing quotations obtained from time to time and minutes of the Purchase Committee meetings.

22.     The Asst. Superintendent will ensure that all the above registers are properly and correctly maintained upto date at all times. He will be personally held responsible if any lapses are found in these records.

23.     The balance stock of commodities at the close of the month will be properly handed over and taken over by the outgoing and incoming mess managers in presence of the students Mess Committee and the Superintendents of the institution.

24.     The total expenditure in a month and the cost of each meal will be worked out by the Mess Manager and placed before the Mess Committee by the third of the following month for its necessary approval. The Mess Committee will also place income and expenditure statement before the  General Body of the students before 7th of every month.

 25.Absence on account of illness upto 7 days at one time to the satisfaction of Headmaster will entail no loss of scholarship. But if a student is absent on this account for short period more than three times in the course of one year or the absence beyond the period of 7 days, a medical certificate must be furnished by the student. If the required certificate is not produced, the period of absence will be treated as absence without scholarship. On production of the prescribed medical certificate half the scholarship will be granted if the period of absence does not exceed three days at a time. Absence for more than 3 months upto a period of six months at a time will entail loss of scholarship for a period of absence. Continuance absence for more than six month will ordinarily entail forfeiture of the scholarship. In case of death of a parent, the student may be granted leave without loss of scholarship upto 30 days (Art 707/708 of Education Code).

  1. 26.             When  a student is directed by the Headmaster to remain absent from the school in consequence of infection, disease in his case he/she may be paid his scholarship in full for the period of such absence. (Art. 708(iv) of the Education Code).
  1. 27.             Absence without leave for a period of 30 days at one time will entail loss of scholarship for twice the period of absence. Absence on leave for more than 30 days at one time will entail forfeiture of the scholarship and must be reported without delay to the Headmaster of the institution. (Art. 710 of the Education Code).

28.   The Headmaster should identify the best Mess Manager in one academic year and arrange awarding the same boy or girl in any public meeting.

29.     The Headmaster/Headmistress will be in overall charge for smooth management of the hostel. He/She may pass written orders, wherever any doubt or clarification is sought as per local requirement from time to time.

30.     The break-up of utilization of scholarship amount on different items will continue to be as follows :

Sl No.

Details of materials

Qty. per time(gms)

No. of times

Price per kg.

Amount per day

Amount per month





































Salt & Fuel









Weekly once





One Midday meal /tiffin which will be adjusted from the quantity/amount mentioned in Col. 3 to 6

Total Dietary Expenses



Miscellaneous expenditure



Amount/price per day

Amount per month (Rs.)


Kerosene/ Electricity








Hair/Body Oil








Garments (per session per two pair of dresses)









Grand Total



Toiletries (extra for Girls boarder students)



  Yours faithfully,   

Sd/- G.V.V. Sarma
Commissioner-cum- Secretary to Govt.
Memo No.  31200(A) /SSD dated 1-9-2005

          Copy forwarded to the Commissioner-cum-Secretary, School & Mass Education Deptt/ Director, Secondary Education/ Director, Elementary Education for their information and they are requested to bring it to the notice of their field functionaries.


Sd/- Gopinath Mohanty
Additional Secretary to Govt.
Memo No. 31201(B) /SSD dated 1-9-2005

          Copy forwarded to the Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Higher Education Department, Director, Higher Education for their information and they are requested to bring it to the notice of their field functionaries.

Sd/- Gopinath Mohanty
 Additional Secretary to Govt.
Memo No. 31202(C) /SSD dated 1-9-2005

Copy forwarded to all P.A.. ITDAs/ All Sub Collectors/ All DWOs for their information and necessary action.

 Sd/- Gopinath Mohanty
Additional Secretary to Govt.