S.T. & S.C. Department
Shri Naveen Patnaik
Hon'ble Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik
Resolutions/Important Notifications/Circulars/Office Orders
Notification No. & Date Subject in Brief
No.15496 dt. 09.11.2020 Revised Resolution on Reimbursement of Course Fees under Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme
No.15146 dt. 03.11.2020 Resolution on Reimbursement of Course Fees under Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme for 2020-21
No.422 dt. 07.01.2020 Notification on re-designation of PA, ITDAs, DWOs & Special Officers of Micro Projects in consonance with the provisions under Sec 13(1)(2) of Odisha Zilla Parishad Act, 1991 & devolution of powers to PRIs for creating convergence & their alignment of activities with DRDAs.
No. 19434 dt. 13.11.19 Constitution of State Level Monitoring & Coordination Committee for Van Dhan Vikas Karyakram (VDVK) for empowering tribals engaged in collection & gathering of Minor Forest Produces (MFP)
No.16666 dt 27.9.19 Delegation of power of Pension Sanctioning Authority to Director ST, ST & SC Dev Deptt
No. 16197 dt. 23.09.19 Odisha ST, SC & Backward Classes (Regulation of Issuance & Verification of Caste Certificates) Rules, 2019
No. 15844 dt.18.9.19 Appointment of Mujibulla Khan as Advisor (Minority Affairs) of ST & SC Dev & Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare Dept.
No. 5097 dt.10.03.2019 Issuance of "Income & Asset Certificate" for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) in direct recruitment in Civil Posts & Services and admissions in Educational Institutions under Govt. of India
No. 5075 dt.08.03.19 Creation of 311 regular posts of Sevak/Sevikas in different Ashram & Sevashram Schools for regularisation of 311 no.s of contractual Sevaks/Sevikas
No. 4420 dt.01.03.19 Cadre restructuring of Odisha Welfare Service(OWS) & Odisha Subordinate Welfare Service(OSWS)
No. 690 dt.09.01.19 Enhancement of consolidated remuneration of Cook-cum-Attendants (CCAs) to Rs. 10,880/- per month w.e.f. 30.10.18.
No. 23413 dt.19.12.18 Creation of posts of Sevak/Sevikas in the different Ashram Schools & Sevashram Schools
No. 22091 dt. 30.11.18 Implementation of OTELP Plus programme in Rayagada district
No. 22068 dt. 30.11.18 Revision of Monthly consolidated remuneration for the employees conferred with Temporary status governed in Finance Deptt Resolution No. 31715 dt. 4.9.2012
No.14525 dt. 28.7.18 Reservation for OBC candidates - Revision of income criteria & determining equivalence of posts in Central Public Sector Enterprises(CPSEs),Public Sector Banks, Public Financial Institutions,etc with posts in Govt for establishing Creamy Layer.criteria
No.12640 dt. 27.6.18 Enhancement of Cash Incentive to Rs. 2.50 lakh payable to couples performing Inter-Caste Marriage
No. 10333 dt. 16.5.18 Constitution of Departmental Promotion Committee in pursuance of Rule 3 of Odisha Higher Secondary Education Service(in State's Scales of Pay)(Method of Recruitment and Conditions of Service of Post Graduate Teachers of the ST & SC Dev. Dept. for selection of persons for appointment by promotion to the post of Post Graduate Teachers and Principals in service.
SRO No. 131/2018 dt. 29.3.18 Appointment of Syed Ekram Hussain as Chairman of the Odisha Board of Wakf.
No.4692 dt. 8.3.18 Reimbursement of Course Fees under CSP scheme of Post-Matric Scholarship for SC/ST students
No.4636 dt. 7.3.18 Reconstitution of Internal Complaints Committee of the Deptt under Sec 4 of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention,Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013
No. 1993 dt.31.1.18 Reconstitution of the Tribes Advisory Council
No. 18982 dt. 30.10.17 Revision of Income criteria to exclude socially advanced persons/Sections (Creamy Layer) from the purview of reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBC)
No. 14239 dt.9.8.17 Inclusion of "Baliji" Caste in the State List of SEBCs
No. 13117 dt.22.7.17 Enhancement of Cash Incentive to Rs. 1 lakh payable to couples performing Inter-Caste Marriage.
No. 12358 dt. 11.7.17 State Level Implementation Committee for effective monitoring of the "Stand Up India" Scheme
No. 7797 dt.21.4.17 Issuance of Permanent Caste Certificate to eligible ST, SC & SEBC students on priority basis.
No. 7462 dt.17.4.17 Implementation of the provisions of the "Prohibition of Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013" (MS Act)
No. 22420 dt. 8.12.16 Determination of Creamy Layer status at the time of Issue of OBC/SEBC Certificate by Tahasildars.
No. 19139 dt. 22.10.16 Reconstitution of Internal Complaints Committee of the Deptt under Sec 4 of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention,Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013.
No. 14859 SSD dt. 9.8.16 Amendment Rules on the SCs & STs (PoA) Rules, 2016
No. 9639 dt. 27.5.16 Streamlining procedure for claim verification of ST/SC & OBC candidates for purpose of Appointment in Posts & Services.
No. 18126 dt. 1.10.16 Continuance of PSU OTELP Plus w.e.f. 1.4.16
No. 2254 dt. 9.2.16 Posts sanction for PMU under IFAD assisted OPELIP
No. 2242 dt. 8.2.16 Constitution of State Level PMC for OPELIP
No. 2238 dt. 8.2.2016 Constitution of Micro Project level PIC for OPELIP
No. 2234 dt. 8.2.2016 Constitution of PMU for OPELIP
No. 2231 dt. 8.2.2016 Constitution of Programme Steering Committee (PSC) for Odisha PVTG Empowerment & Livelihoods Improvement Programme (OPELIP)
No. 353 dt. 8.1.16 Enhancement of consolidated remuneration of Cook-cum-Attendants (CCAs) to Rs.7480/- per month
No. 23220 dt. 26.11.2015 Reimbursement of Course Fees under CSP scheme of Post-Matric Scholarship for SC/ST students
No. 12808 dt. 29.6.15 Addendum to Resolution No. 24452 SSD dt. 29.6.15 on Legal Aid Cells.
No. 10384 dt. 20.5.15 Provisional Gradation List of TGTs'2015 - Invitation of Objection/Suggesstions
No. 9328 dt. 5.5.15 Modification in Drawing & Disbursing Authority for Pre-matric & Post-Matric Scholarship Schemes in the state.
No. 8951 dt. 30.4.15 Transfer of management, functioning & supervision of 6 Special Hostel located in Bhubaneswar to DWO,Khurda
No. 8554 dt.23.4.15 Upgradation of 15 Educational Complexes to High School
No. 7885/SSD dt 10.4.2015 Appointment of TGTs/ Sanskrit Contractual Teachers/Hindi Contractual Teachers on regular basis against existing posts
No. No. 3543 SSD dt 11.2.2015 Norms for payment monetary relief to ST & SC victims of atrocities under SCs & STs (Prevention of Atrocities)(Amendment)Rules,2014
No. 33963 SSD dt 24.12.2014 Guidelines to ensure safety & security of students in Schools & Hostels under ST & SC Development Department
No. 32701 SSD dt 5.12.2014 Guidelines for Mess Management in Residential Schools under ST & SC Dev. Department
No. 31851 SSD dt.24.11.2014 Appointment of different categories of Contractual employees of Educational Institutions of SSD Deptt on regular basis against existing posts.
No. 23693 SSD dt.16.8.2014 Reconstitution of the State Level High Power Vigilance & Monitoring Committee
No. 18644 dt. 17.7.14 Constitution of State & District level Committees to monitor implementation of Prohibition of Manual Scavenger and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013 and Rules, 2013 of Govt. of India
No. 17178 dt. 26.6.2014 Self-Certification while applying for various services from the Deptt subject to verification of Originals during actual admission, personal appearance or engagement etc.
No. 17286/SSD dt. 27.6.14 Corrigendum on TAC Reconstitution
No. 17080/SSD dt. 25.6.2014 Reconstitution of Tribes Advisory Council.
No. 17070/SSD dt. 25.6.2014 Revised Format for OBC Caste Certificate
No.17025 SSD dt. 24.6.2014 Resolution on SEBC Reservation
No.15725,15731 & No. 15738 SSD dt 4.6.14 Mechanism for Marketing of Minor Forest Produce (MFP) through Minimum Support Price (MSP) and development of Value Chain for MFP in the State
No.2087/STSCD-POMS-PLAN-2-0002-2013 Dt.10.01.2014 Enhancement of Maint. Allowance of Hostellers under Group II, III & IV courses for sanction of Post-Matric Scholarship to ST/SC students
No. 33428 SSD dt. 17.10.2013 Guidelines for engagement of Sikshya Sahayaks
No.32652/M&BCW Dt.3.10.2013 Clarification regarding Creamy Layer amongst OBCs
No. 27824_SSD Dt. 16.8.13 Reservation Policy-Clarification on implementation of the judgment in the OA No. 652/C-2010
No. 26922/M&BCW Dt. 3.8.13 Revision of Income criteria to exclude Creamy layer from the purview of reservation for OBCs
No.19313 SSD dt. 7.6.2013 Implementation of OTELP Plus in Mayurbhanj district
No. 14402-SSD Dt. 20.04.13 Quotation Call Notice for Supply of Computers, Printers & Scanners
No. 14230 Dt. 16.04.13 Creation of 60 regular Teacher posts in abolition of equal no. of contractual Teacher posts engaged in different HS/GHS/AS during 2006-07
No. 14198_SSD Dt. 16.04.13 Relocation of Education Circle Offices under the Department
No.12625_SSD Dt. 21.03.13 Reservation Policy -Clarification regarding the participation of reserved category candidates against the unreserved vacancies
No. 9824_SSD Dt. 28.02.13 Revision of Daily Maintenance & Diet Expenses
No. 8055 SSD Dt. 17.02.13 School & Hostel Management Guidelines of SSD schools & hostels
No. 2246_SSD Dt. 22.01.13 Formulation of Annnual TSP & SCSP for 2013-14
No. 1220_SSD Dt. 10.01.13 Ensuring non-use of the word 'Harijan' in respect of SCs
No. 36572 Dt. 29.12.12 Post-Matric Scholarship for ST/SC students-Press Notice on revision of rates
No. 36567 Dt.-29.12.12 Fee reimbursement under Post-Matric Scholarship for SC/ST
No. 653 SSD  Dt.-22.08.2012 Guidelines for implementation of School Cabinet Programme in all SSD Schools
No. 21179  Dt.-28.06.2012 Revised norms of Relief to atrocity victims under SCs & STs (Prevention of Atrocities) (Amendment) Rules,2011
No. 4840_SSD  Dt.-31.01.2012 Reconstitution of Tribes Advisory Council
No. 38229  Dt.-9.12.2011 Enhancement of monthly remuneration of contractual Junior Lecturers and Laboratory Assistants
No. 35871  Dt.-25.11.2011 Construction of Hostels for ST GIrls and Boys during 2011-12"
No. 31328  Dt.-07.10.2011 Sanction of Rs. 17.90 lakhs to ITDAs/DRDAs for const., completion & repair of Edu. Instt including Staff Qrs with electrification under State Plan during 2011-12
Dated 16.08.2011 Extension of date to 30.8.11 for receipt of Pre & Post matric Scholarship
No. 27218/SSD 09.08.2011 Grant-in-Aid to ITDAs/DRDAs for Spl. repair, renovation, addition, alteration of School & Hostel building under State Plan for 2011-12
No. 26415/ 02.08.2011 Grant-in-Aid to ITDAs/DRDAs for Spl. repair, renovation, addition, alteration of School & Hostel building under Non-Plan for 2011-12
No. 24452 14.07.2011 Establishment of Legal Aid Cells for providing Legal Advice to SC & ST communities
No. 24452/SSD 14.07.2011  
No.14386/SSD 05.05.2011  
No.41767/SSD 06.11.2010  
No. 302_OBC 11.05.2010 Constitution of State Level Committee for implementation of Prime Minister’s new 15-point Programme for welfare of Minorities.
No. 3040/SSD 19.01.2010  
No. 390/SSD 06.01.2010  
No. 2139_I-Legis 07.02.2009 Reservation Policy-The Odisha Reservation of Posts & Services (for SEBCs) Act, 2008
No. 11704_SSD 20.03.2008 Reservation Policy- Clarification on dereservation
No. 3633_SSD 28.01.2008 Accountability of Field level functionaries of the Deptt to the 3-tier PRI following amendment to Odisha Panchayat Laws
No. 43620_SSD 31.12.2007 Award of Cash incentive to couples performing Inter-caste Marriage
No.44375_SSD 18.12.2006 Guidelines for utilization of SCA to TSP
No. 31762 Welfare dt. 31.10.1994 Reservation for S&EBCs in posts & services under the State Govt.